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Advanced Canvas was founded by Alexander in mid-2018. He spent some 2.5 years refining the idea and perfecting the craft skills necessary. By early 2021, after completing more than 250 prototypes and some 2500 hours of work, it was possible to produce the first Advanced Canvas: the king of all Porsches, the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 in 36" . Since then the team has also been working on other models, formats and unique new ideas in order to constantly create new impetus and make each model into a singular piece of art.



Our aim is to create a bridge between traditional wall pictures and an aesthetic, tangible sculpture. There are already billions of photos and models of cars; we are tired of them and seek to create unique, individual sculptures that can be hung on the wall. We wish to set new standards in the world of automobile art. Our products are extremely long-lasting, highly detailed, produced in a sustainable manner and are more a statement than an unconventional car model. We combine art, design and true craftsmanship into a living sculpture that is built to last and fit in any setting.


Founder & Art Director


Former Stone Sculptor & Car Designer

"I believe that for the most part, the best cars have already been built."

At the start of his career Alex worked as a stone carver. Later, however, after further training as a product designer, he studied automotive design in Pforzheim. He learned his trade as a designer in studios including Porsche Weissach, Audi California and BMW Munich. After a few years in the industry he had the idea of Advanced Canvas in 2018 and began by setting up his own workshop for these unique sculptures. Outside work, his life still revolves around cars, from hours of training sessions in a racing simulator to extensive trips in the Black Forest or endlessly planning modifications to his two cars. Alex is a true petrolhead who finds nothing more boring than convention and has a predilection for classic German sports cars.


Co-Founder & Manager


Former Fashion Designer  & CMF Designer

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Natalie’s professional career began in fashion design, with studies at the Pforzheim School of Design. While working with the JOOP! brand she learned about what makes for timeless and elegant design. Later she moved into the automobile industry and completed her masters in interior design in Reutlingen. Her first practical automotive experiences were gained in the studio of Bugatti, at Porsche Weissach and with the Piech startup, before returning subsequently to Porsche. She has worked here for almost 4 years as a color and trim designer. In her personal life Natalie has a strong affinity for design and likes to refashion everything in her surroundings. She has a penchant for painting, interiors and design and a flair for color and composition. Her passion is aesthetics and the finer things in life.  


Co-Founder, Advisor & Investor

"Nothing inspires like an idea,

whose time has come"

During his private and professional life, Andy has acquired a wide range of knowledge in various fields and positions. With a lot of courage, ambition and great commitment, he has always fulfilled the goals he set for himself. In his private life, he has always been enthusiastic about sports cars, as befits a genuine “Zuffenhausen boy”. With all his experience and affinity with private cars, it was inevitable that Natalie, Alex and Andy's paths would to cross. This meeting quickly developed into the founding of Advanced Canvas GmbH and thus the further development of an idea whose time is now definitely ripe.

Thank you !

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We are from Blackforest, Germany

Advanced Canvas

Automotive Art Manufactory

Address :

Advanced Canvas GmbH

Bahnhofstraße 7

75399 Unterreichenbach


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