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Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 Canvas Sketch

The Advanced Canvas is about exploring new artistic territory, dissolving the boundaries between sculpture and painting. By emerging from a two-dimensional background and entering into relations with external space, the Canvas creates a new poetry and a new poetic language.

A Modern Classic

With the change of light during the day, the sculpture comes alive, changing constantly its shape and color and creating a wide range of subtle and powerful feelings. A piece of art that extends beyond its frame and becomes part of every viewer. You can touch it and it will touch you.

design 36er.jpg
The 36" Canvas
36zoll logo.png

- 80 x 45 x 7,5 cm 

  31.5 x 17.7 x 2.9 inches

- 10 - 11 kg 

  22 - 24 pounds

- Each Canvas is made from

  16 single pieces

- Only 100 Canvas

  will be made

- Incedible high level of detail

  and authencity

- Each Canvas has a

  unique appearance

- All handcrafted in

  Blackforest, Germany

- Each Canvas is numbered

  with a unique 3D front plate

- CO2 Footprint per

  Canvas max 600g

- Comes in beautyful and

  sustainable design package

The 36" Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Limited Edition Canvas is still in production and will appear in our online shop on a monthly basis.

Made to last
Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 Canvas cutaway

Shaped from lightweight concrete with steel reinforcement, this expressive sculpture will outlast many future generations. Even small parts such as door handles or side mirrors have a metal core to provide maximum service life. The wall mount is extremely stable and can be adjusted horizontally. All parts needed for installation are included in the standard delivery.


Steel reinforced

Canvas backplate



for small details


Solid wall mount

Easy to hang up


Tough built - life

span of 100+ years

polished -194_edited.jpg
The RS 2.7 Series is limited.
Our passion for cars is not.
The 17" Canvas
design 17er.jpg
17zoll logo.png

- 39 x 21.5 cm  / 15.3 x 8.5 inches

- 3,5 kg / 7.7 pounds

- High level of detail and


- Each Canvas has a very

  unique appearance

- Limited to 911 units

- All handcrafted in

  Blackforest, Germany

- Can be placed on the table

  or hooked onto the wall

- Comes in a beautyful and

  sustainable design packaging

- CO2 Footprint per

  Canvas max 200g

The 17" Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Limited Edition Canvas is still in production and will appear in our online shop on a weekly basis.

design 17 closup.jpg


Through a sophisticated casting technique, unique structures like cracks and scratches can be pronounced, while the individual color design from monochrome to color bomb to 24 carat gold leaf also sets no limits to the imagination. The possibility to individualize each sculpture down to the finest detail makes every single one a unique piece of art.

Raw Material Concrete

Concrete Mixes

Our concrete mixes range from very fine to coarse granulation. Fine granulation provides a nearly flawless and monochromatic appearance, whereas coarse granulation can result in a rough and grained appearance. It can also produce cracks and flaws that give the object a special touch. The color palette ranges from ivory to various shades of gray, all the way to dark gray. Mixtures like sparkling concrete have a granite like appearence. That does not look like concrete anymore, its a perfect illusion of a nice stone graining and structure.

Oiling & Waxing

By nature, all concrete models are matte, but they can be finished. Oiling gives concrete a slight silky sheen and a more vibrant color. A wax polish makes the surface shiny and the color even bolder.

Raw Material Cold Ceramic

As an alternative to concrete, we offer a special cold-ceramic mixture distinguished by its flawless appearance and white ceramic look. Cold-ceramic models offer very uniform coloring and a near-perfect, very matte finish.

design samples.jpg

Colors & Finishings

Acrylic Color

Regardless of the raw material, all canvases can be touched up with acrylic paints. This allows us to achieve everything from single patches of color to a brilliant color explosion. The acrylic paints are made by Edding and are very durable, both for interior and exterior use.

Real Rust

We also offer various finishes with real rust. The options range from individual spots to completely rusted designs. There are various possibilities for introducing rust, and we make sure that the rust looks as if it had grown naturally. Rust models are living models and always change in appearance depending on environmental influences.

24 K Gold Leaf

There is also the option of finishing our canvases with real gold. We use the highest quality German gold leaf, which can be arranged in many different styles. All gold coatings are secured in place to ensure a long-lasting effect.

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