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With Bespoke we offer you the possibility of making your personal design idea a reality, based on our current sculptures. We thus guarantee that it will integrate harmoniously into any living room, office, man cave or garage.

We have various ways of modifying the appearance of our sculptures. These include a range of raw materials, colors and gloss levels through to options for finishing. There are countless options for giving expression to an individual design that fits perfectly into its setting.

Combinations based on different models are also available, so that you can fill an entire wall with a uniform look that forms an artistic synthesis.

Specific vehicle models can also be produced, but this is by special request.





Fine Concrete - Flawless surface, no faults, slight to medium texture


Medium  Concrete - slightly coarser, with small blemishes, slight to medium texture

Rough Concrete - Rough texture, medium flaws and faults, very strong character

Cracked Rough Concrete - Like Rough Concrete, but with large faults and imperfections around the car

Cold Ceramics - Flawless surface in very matt white. In the right light, a sculpture of sheer aesthetic



Matte  - natural concrete surface, very matte, no reflections

Oil Rubbed - Oiling gives a slight silky sheen and a more vibrant color

Triple Wax Polished - A wax polish makes the surface shiny and the color even bolder.

High Gloss Polished - Almost like a clear coat, generates highlights like on a real car

20210926 C&C_Advanced_Canvas-271632729465631.jpg

Each of our 36” models features an insert that generally contains the model number. We can also modify these on request. You can insert your own text here, with up to 30 characters.


20220707 Advanced Canvas Part 2-210.jpg


REAL RUST - A variety of ways to cultivate real rust on the canvas


ACRYLIC COLOUR - We offer a range of possibilities for bringing color into play, from the graphic to the artistic


Forged Metal - Platinum, copper or similar forged metals can be integrated into the work


24 K Gold Leaf - We use the highest quality 24-carat gold leaf from Germany

polished -233.jpg


Natalie, our color and material finish (CMF) designer, can help you bring these elements together or alternatively will create concepts for you in order to achieve a harmonious integration or simply to find the most appropriate design. Previously, Natalie worked as a CMF designer for Joop, Bugatti, Piech and then for almost 4 years with Porsche. She is thus the ideal person to speak to when it comes to authentic designs that relate to Porsche. Photoshop montages, test versions and samples can also be provided, just as is the standard practice in the major design departments in the automotive world.

You are welcome to arrange a professional consultation with us about the overall project.

team bilder-05_edited.jpg

Thank you !

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